Chitron attracted talents and presented projects in “International Talents Exchange Fair”


During 27 -28, Nov 2008, Chitron and its subsidiary Software( were present in “2008 China International Talents Exchange Fair & 34th Session Golden-Collar Senior Talents Recruitment Fair’. In the fair, Chitron offered some dozens of well-paid positions to which many international talents were attracted.

Meanwhile, also presented parts/components trading platform project in the fair. Its advertising message, “Who will surpass Alibaba?” was so attractive that many participants were interested in and inquired, some IT talents even wished to join this team on the spot to jointly develop this project with prospective development potential.

To speed up the construction of parts/components trading community and further reserve talents for company development, Mr. Zhen Zhou Wu, Chairman and GM, who has always viewed talents as first treasure, personally led a recruitment team consisting of managers form relevant departments to give onsite interviews. The recruitment site was full of active atmosphere and showed remarkable result. However, thousand talents delivered their resumes in succession; moreover, some dozens of industrial experts, experienced senior professional and senior engineers thought highly of our remuneration and development platform, so they threw olive subsidiaries towards Chitron.


Posted 2009-6-9 13:11 by 李志国
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