Donation to internal employees who suffered for the Wenchuan earthquake

For a further understanding of sufferings of the hometown of all the employees affected by the calamity, HW and AY, on behalf of the company, visited the relatives of the colleagues affected by the disaster and made a field survey between June 10th, 2008 and June 18th, 2008, covering Beichuan, Pingwu, Anxian and Mianzhu etc.. The miserable situation seen on the way astonished us a great lot. To our relief, no casualty occurred to the relatives of all our employees. See the following pictures for housing collapse conditions of some colleagues.  


Considering housing collapse conditions in the hometown and the implementation conditions of government assistance, the first sum of donations for the collapsed houses has been distributed on June 18th, with the actual amount of 34,000 Yuan.

After the distribution of the first sum of donations, HW and AY got a further understanding of the family conditions of the people affected by the disaster, and proposed the planning scheme of the second sum of donations. And the second sum of donations was completely distributed on July 14th, 2008 after the planning scheme was approved by all the staff, with a total amount of RMB29,000.00 Yuan. See the following for specific information:

Till July 18th, the company had allocated a disaster relief of RMB100,841.70 Yuan, with the amount of RMB100,841.70 Yuan in actual use. 






Posted 2009-1-23 10:48 by 李志国
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