Conscientious light----God blesses China, God owes China!

---- Zhenzhou Wu

On the afternoon of the day before yesterday, while I was holding the board meeting, Jinting rushed into the meeting room with the news of disastrous earthquake happened in Mianyang. Hearing this, all my colleagues rushed out. I didn’t care too much, thinking that if only people were safe. Jun Wu was holding the fraternity of the marketing department, and in Chengdu, HW also disappeared out of the video while the earthquake was active. And later, all information gathered showed that all colleagues were in safety except that Xiaoyan Hu was lost in touch. To our great relief, we finally got in touch with Xiaoyan Hu before we were off work. On just that day, we went back home to watch TV, learning that the number of casualties had risen from hundreds to thousands, and all our concerns went for the people in the earthquake-stricken area.

On the early morning of Yesterday, we were extremely sad to learn that hundreds and thousands of people were reported to have lost their lives. On just that morning, we were sorry to learn that our colleagues in Mianyang County, catching rain, spent their night in the open, and they had porridge as their breakfast in Yan Lai’s home. Later, we were relieved to learn that all the relatives of our colleagues in the earthquake-stricken area were in great safety, except that our colleagues Min Wu and Peng Zhou in Mianyang County lost in touch with their families. And later, the fact that Jun Zha made well all the arrangements concerning all the work transfer in Mianyang County comforted me. Back at home, I watched TV till midnight. Watching the orphans with desperate and blank eyes on TV, I wept.

On this morning, I learned that Yan Lai and tens of other colleges still stood in the rain to spend their night in the plastic tent. Hai Yang made arrangements that colleagues in the earthquake-stricken area should report to Yan Lai, the liaison man, about their conditions, safe or in difficulty. Meanwhile, all the staff of the company tried our best to help Min Wu and people in the earthquake-stricken area to get in touch with their families. Jun Zha took the donation method that the company donated for the employees who agree to donate to the victims and then their donation amount was respectively deducted from their salary. And I myself was responsible for writing this disaster relief declaration.

God blesses China! In the past thirty years, China enjoyed great peace. We have lived the happy life that was beyond our ancestors. The progress of China and its people, and the sustainability and scale of this progress were all prehistoric. I always had such feeling that what we have gained were not the preferences of the God but the compensation made to our peoples for their longtime sufferings. I had always been having the feeling that we were doing what we didn’t want to do. It was the endless hardships behind us that were driving us forward. That was a black hole, just like the earthquake happened the day before yesterday, our instinctive reaction was to keep running, running out of the darkness and for the brightness.

God owes China! This year, we suffered enough from the snow disaster, and now we encountered the earthquake. In the previous year, we suffered from flood, and SARS. I saw that some people earned money and some people saw others making a fortune, their eyes were suddenly brightened but their hearts were blackened. I saw some people with conscience and some people could feel the conscience of others, but people were all restless because of greediness and selfishness, and their conscience was gradually disappearing and sometimes struggling against the wickedness in their nightmares.

People in the earthquake-stricken area repeatedly asked themselves: Where was their light? Where was their food and warmth? Where were their families?

Help the disastrous area, and emit conscientious light to lighten yourself and others!


Posted 2009-1-20 14:38 by Lilian
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