Constant Assistance to 5 Aided Students from Chitron

In November, 2008, we again heard from the 5 aided students. Lan Liu, Panpan Li, Limin Zhang and Biao Li from Nanshuilu Primary School of Wuling Town Lingqiu County Shanxi Province always reported to us about their performance at school and expressed their thankfulness and blessings in their letters every time they received the donations, they also kept in close touch with us through letters in their daily lives. But we lost in touch with Yefang Wang for the time being.

Since June, 2006, Chitron Electronics has supported the 5 pupils in grade 2 for nearly three years via China Youth Development Fund. Now, four of them are in grade 4, with good performance at school. Their letters show that they are more and more mature and much smarter and more considerate as well. We are glad to see them grow up healthily, just like eyas. And we will continue to support them to finish their education, to support the education cause in the poverty-stricken area forever!

Posted 2009-1-23 10:46 by Lilian
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