“Meeting management” training for Chitron’s management

On Jan 10, 2009, "Meeting Management" was kicked off on schedule in Chitron's training hall where key management personnel participated in this training. This training focused on how to plan and arrange a high-efficiency meeting. Comprehensive exchange aiming at common issue "No discussion in a meeting, no resolution from discussion, no action based on resolution, and no decisive action" among participates. After this training, Chitron's management team had profoundly understood how to hold an efficient and effective meeting.

Ms Zhaorong Li gave major lectures in this training. She acts as a guest lecturer on EMBA in Beijing University, Qinghua University and UK Wales University; a lecturer in Public Communication Science Department and Social Psychology Department of Shi Xin University; a researcher in Public Opinion Poll Research Center of Shi Xin University, and a senior lecturer in U-PROGRESS.. Her educational background is PhD. in management science, New Zealand Victor University; MD in accounting management, New Zealand Auckland University; and MD in business management, New Zealand Victor University. She was a energy medicine researcher in Canada Royal Energy Medicine Science Institute.

During training, Ms Li explained the profound things in a simple way to stress key elements and precautions in meeting plan, arrangement, preside and participation, and helped participants understand and familiarize effective meeting management techniques through plentiful cases and onsite simulations. Chitron's management personnel were enlightened by her viewpoints such as meeting cost evaluation, preparation prior to a meeting, meeting object (to find out answers and solve problems, instead find and make problems). They carried out deep discussions to provide support for effective meeting arrangements in the future.


Posted 2009-1-23 10:38 by Lilian
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