Chitron’s breakthrough progress as an agent of Korea ITF

Recently, Korea IFT (a communication filter manufacturer) authorized Chitron to become ITF's franchised distributor who will be given a 30-day's collection period. In Sep 2008, ITF market experts visited Chitron to negotiate and discuss brand agent with Chitron. They were impressed by Chitron's scale and strength.

Since founded in 1995, ITF has been specialized in R&Ds, production and sale of  SAW filters, SAW Resonators and Delay-Lines. These products are widely used in various base stations (CDMA, GSM, IMT2000), repeater, mobile telephone, hand-held mobile terminal, GSP, digital TV, FM radio, translator, cordless phone, wireless networking equipment, remote control and alarm equipment etc. Its clients spread over Korea, China, USA, Japan and India, including Korea LG, SK and Chinese Huawei, Zhongxin and Haier.

ITF has successfully passed ROHS, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949 etc certifications. Its filter family covers all frequency bands, so it is easy to select models. Moreover, all products are provided with one-year quality guarantee. Some models are available in stock. Generally, shelf life is 6-8 weeks.

ITF product family:

MF (medium frequency) SAW filters   23.4MHZ~380MHz
RF (radio frequency) SAW filters        220MHz~2140MHz
SAW Resonators                   260MHz~868MHz
Delay-Lines                            65MHz~881.5MHz

Posted 2009-1-23 11:05 by Lilian
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