Chitron won shenzhen government domestic market development subsidy

----Chitron was listed in Shenzhen 2008 Enterprises for Domestic Market Development Projects to be subsidized financially

Recently, Chitron was listed in "2008 Private & Medium / Small-Sized Enterprises for Domestic Market Development Projects", which will be financially subsidized by Shenzhen Government, to carry out market development and brand popularization.

To further promote the development of private and medium/small-sized enterprises in Shenzhen and enhance their independent innovation abilities, Shenzhen municipal government allocated special funds for the development of private and medium/small-sized enterprises to encourage and support them to strengthen and expand their development. However, Shenzhen Medium / Small-Sized Enterprises Service Center went through some necessary procedures, such as formal review, special audit and data /information verification etc, to check and submit the projects mentioned above to Municipal Financial Bureau for recheck. After checked, 402 local enterprises were finally listed in the projects to be subsidized financially, including Shenzhen MaiRui Electrics and Chitron Electrics.

Chitron being qualified for such financial subsidy shows that it has increasingly been recognized in domestic market and growing towards mature development with its complete and perfect management system and expanding business.

Posted 2009-1-23 11:03 by Lilian
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