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New Value-Added Service of Testing Center is coming

1. Appearance testing and identification of IC authenticity:
Make detailed appearance detection with magnifier or microscope. As for the suspected component that can not be judged from appearance, we can unseal IC, i.e. remove external seal with method of chemical etching and uncover the internal grain, and then make use of 2,000 times microscope with video capture system to photomicrograph and identify its logo and etching number to judge it. 

2. X-ray detection:
It's the one of common non-contact/non-destructive detection tools and can be used to test various defects of IC packaging such as layer stripping, bursting, hollowness and integration of wire bonding including open/short circuit of wire bonding or PAS and other abnormal connection defects.

3. Probe testing:
Make basic electrical parameters testing on unsealed IC, unpacked chip and wafer, including I-V feature testing and open/short circuit testing and so on, by using micro-probe system with supply meter, digital oscilloscope and other measuring instruments.

4. DC parameter testing:
Use IC testing machine or semi-conductor parameter tester or other devices to work in with various testing gauges and relevant ancillary circuit to test various DC parameters, such as
Open and Shorts
Output drive/sink current (IOH,IOL)
Power current
Standby current
Threshold levels( VIH,VIL)

5. IC function verification testing:
According to the description of truth table, timing diagram and relative functions from Datasheet, test vectors provided by manufacturer or written by self, use IC testing machine to test and verify DC characteristics parameter of component, functions of component and limit value and working scope of part of electrical characteristics parameters and so on, such as:
Ø   Logic IC
Ø   Voice IC
Ø   Memory IC
Ø   ROM data verification
Ø   OTP program burning

Posted 2009-1-23 11:21 by Yoyo Qin
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