Congratulations on Chitron Electronics Winning Exclusive Distributor of Traco Power Module in Asian-Pacific Region

We warmly congratulated that Chitron Electronics gained proxy of Swiss well-known brand Traco Power in Asian-Pacific region.

Traco Power is an enterprise with head office in Switzerland mainly focusing on developing and manufacturing high-quality DC-to-DC and AC-to-DC modules that are famed with safety and reliability. Its products extensively are applied to communication, electricity, industrial control, transportation and medical treatment and so on. The manufacturer provides 3 years warranty for its products that complying with non-lead standard and EU safety standard with working temperature -40~+85℃. The manufacturer keeps a large number of stocks and generally provides products in stock for 50~100 pieces of demand. The delivery time of mass production is 8~10 weeks.  

The full series of Traco Power products include:

DC/DC conversion series

Low power DC/DC module     1~60W

High power DC/DC module     60~22000W

AC/DC power series

Encapsulated AC/DC          5~40W

Open Frame AC/DC           10~300W

Encase AC/DC               18~600W

DIN-Rail track power series     20~600W

DC/AC conversion series        20VA~30000VA

Traco Power strives to be leader in the fields of DC/DC 1~100 W, encase AC/DC 10~600 W, Encapsulated AC/DC 5~40W and DIN-Rail power 20~100W.

Posted 2009-1-22 14:46 by Lilian
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