Product Features
Low price of consumer electronics: Chitron Electronics buys excess inventory from worldwide supply chain, and maintains its own warehouse valued at over US$40 million. We are able to provide customers with various kinds of high quality components at the lowest possible price to help customers cost-down. We also offer various solutions for excess inventory to improve your inventory turnover and recover your cash flow. We can store your excess on consignment or sales contract, or we can even purchase your excess inventory through bidding.
Wide range of name brands:With established supply channels reaching over 5,000 semiconductor manufacturers from North American, Europe, and Japan, we carry the brands you are looking for. Chitron treats all orders, large or small, with the same priority. If you are a manufacturer and looking to add a distributor, Chitron can act as your franchised distributor.
Best valued Shortage and hard-to-find parts:There is no IC out of Chitron’s reach!” We are well known for our powerful sourcing capabilities. For your shortage or hard-to-find requirements, our highly training sales and support professionals can offer you a quick quote, free technical support, or global trade services. We work around the clock to respond to customer demands immediately.


         Service Features
Rapid and high-efficient logistics service:
1. Chitron collects and distributes goods in America, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing,Chengdu and Xi’an, one of which is surely closest to you!
2. The preferential freight of Chitron and some other express companies and the unique original value insurance of global freight ensure your valuable components reaching the destination safely and rapidly at the low cost.
3. The inventories are delivered to any destination within three days(within China), and the available freight can be delivered within two weeks;
4. Chitron provides on-line check of orders and provides timely logistics conditions;
5. Chitron provides professional components detection service, relieving your worries about components quality;
Professional cost-saving storage service:
Chitron established a professional storage area in Shenzhen. The stockroom with an area of more than 1,000㎡ stocks various types of components worth thousands of million Yuan, realizing storage insurance in full amount. Welcome to use third party logistics and storage services of Chitron to reduce your logistics cost.


         Quality guarantee
Chitron adopts the standard of ISO9001:2001 to impose strict control on quality, guaranteeing that all the sold products are qualified. We strictly check qualifications of all suppliers, determine all the goods in the experiment lab especially established and impose strict control on quality and process in each process of logistics and storage. We separate the waste products and dispose of them at intervals to prevent them from coming out of our company to disrupt market.


         Business process
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