How is Chitron staff competitive?
Based on the staff-oriented concept and the principle of honest operation, Chitron tries to be the first chosen supplier and partner of enterprises,
the first chosen employer of talents and create maximum value for the long-term interest of shareholders. In the past tens of years, Chitron has
developed and perfected itself step by step and thus formed its unique enterprise culture.
* Equality and mutual befit, little produces a lot;
* To retain talents by adopting the employee stock ownership system and to implement computer telecommunication and human-oriented 
* Human resources are endless;      * To implement diversified employee welfare systems

Mission and prospect of Chitron
* Mission of Chitron: We not only deal components, but also guarantee quality, provide high-quality supply chains and provide the stage for the
cause of employees;
* Prospect of Chitron: To create an honest, fair and double-wining components dealing platform;
* Core value belief of Chitron: Honesty and responsible, customer-oriented, improvement-directed and equal & respectful.

Implications of Chitron:
“Chitron” is a compound created by Zhenzhou Wu, establisher of Chitron Electronics; composed by the Latin root of “Chi-” indicating China
and “-tron” indicating electronics. Meanwhile, Chitron sounds like “Chi Chuang” in Chinese language. After 13 years’ development,
Chitron, as expected by its establisher, has grown into a famous China components distributing company, and is advancing into a higher grade.

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