Growing in Chitron——Diego——Fine day

Diego, joined in Chitron in January of 2003.

As an undergraduate in 1999, I experienced the hardest time of Asian financial crisis. All the enterprises tried to protect themselves, not to mention recruitment. The present situation is more serious than then. Several days ago I have received a junior fellow of me who was looking for job after graduation. Looking at his blank eyes, I thought of myself several years ago……

Vice-manager Xia rang me up to let me come to Chitron for interview in 2003, I've ran for businesses for three years. I have been in a small private corporation, and I was in a large foreign-invested corporation. My feeling at that time was:“Not all small corporations are bad, not all large corporations are good. It is more likely that most small corporations are not good and most large corporations are not too bad.”. Now I think the reason why I selected Chitron is simple. In the past I sold software and advertisement. The clients became less and less. But if selling parts, the clients will have net profit every month, and the business can be transacted by telephone, which made me curious. I did not know my choice was right or wrong. It was more an emotional feeling. Until Tang Jun retired from Microsoft to SNDA in 2004, I started to firmly believe that my choice was right

At first when I entered the corporation, I originally felt that, after three years of "street cleaning", I should have rich experience in every respect. Later I found that I was wrong. I cannot forget Zha's direct dialogue with the boss on behalf of us in 2003In 2004, Mr. Wu cried when he decided to share in profits and the shocking picture when having the meetingI cannot forget the leaving of colleague like FXSWWTZP and etc.I was excited at the continuous rapid growth of business after 2004I was happy when we shared in profits after achieving annual goalsI was encouraged by the "excessive power for growth" of the corporationI was thankful for the trust and tolerance of me by all colleagues……

In 2004 when we shared profits and became shareholders, I could not see my future very clearly. I want to put it in fashion as “follow my feeling”. It was more likely based on the admiration of Mr. Wu's personal charm and the feeling to the corporation. After four years, how much is the share of a good private enterpriseI think Buffet took the share of BYD in September gave us a good reference.

I've graduated for nine years and work for Chitron for six years, which can be described by the lyrics of "Everything is like a movie, maybe more interesting than movie". I wish everybody has a "fine" future.


Fine Day  Wei Xu

Everything is like a movie

Maybe more interesting than movie

So real scene

That I can't not feel sad or happy

This is the first feeling

I want to know the world

Life is full of suspenses

It beats my heart

This is the first feeling

Like the fine day

Just because the woman is like a sharp blade

Going through my heart/(Just because the woman is like the spring, warming my heart

I like the wonderful world

Full of two much sadness and joy

I like the wonderful movie

Like a dream and a fairy tale

My friend who is always silent

You keep me strong

The hurt in my heart

Like passing clouds

My first feeling

My heart like the fine day 


Posted 2009-1-22 16:28 by Lilian
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