Growing in Chitron---Melody---Reliable Resources Remain

Growing in Chitron---Melody---Reliable Resources Remain

——Melody, joined in Chitron Electronics in December 2004

In the past, few foreigners visited the Himalaya. Later many Japanese came for sightseeing. Apart from being attracted by the natural scene, people also chased a moving story.

Several photography journalists asked a Nepal young man to by beer. The young man send the beer within 3 hours, he was rewarded. The next day, the young man asked to buy beer for them voluntarily. This time they gave him much money for 10 bottles of beer. The young man did not return that day. They thought they were deceived by him. But that night, the young man appeared. The reason is that he only bought 4 bottles in the past sales point. He climbed over another mountain and went over a river and bought another 6. On his way back, because it's dark and the road is slippery, he fell down and crashed 3 bottles. When the young man cried and took out the pieces of glass and returned the changes to the journalists. Everyone was moved......

The story was quickly published on several influential papers in Japan. Then more and more Japanese came here for sightseeing.

In the recent two days the article “Honesty is Also Resource” which I read 8 years ago on the paper came to my mind. The reason is that my colleagues and me have just experienced a challenge of honesty.

According to our discussion and waste management and control rule that is still being submitted for approval, the goods that have been identified as waste by the test center will be storage in the special waste zone in the warehouse. Once these goods go out of the warehouse, their only passage is to be destroyed, and the destruction process should have photos taken by special people. The charge should sign his name or seal.

Before last week, according to the rules, the waste flow started by the product department, after the signatures of product department, test center, material flow department, ordering department, stock department, stock supervisor, duty chairman, the waste submission list was sent to the warehouse. When the goods were waiting for destruction out of the warehouse, the batch of goods was to “be sold”.

The first disagreeing sound came from a sign by the test engineer in the lab“We can't do this. The goods are harmful”Later various sounds were heard. There was debate between posts and departments

“We'll tell them they're wastes when we sell the good.”

“If you sell it as IC, these wastes cannot be sold outif you sell it as wasted iron and copper, wait for me to destroy them



One sidethe goods flow from the warehouse, to the goods delivery zone, to the goods delivery cart, to the counter…

The other sidethe focus of debate ranges from the business, to rules, to brand-name and to honesty…

When we were debating on honesty, the only result was made at that momentthe batch of goods was brought back to the corporation and was destroyed the day before yesterday.

I did not know, apart from material flow department, what did each department do and how the sales side persuaded the client……. I only knew that we gave up the transaction due to the sticking of honesty.

The honesty of the Nepalese young man shows the original purity, while the honesty of my colleagues shows the promotion of primitive sincerity. Today we give up the near benefit, but it is actually transferring into the resource of Chitron——honesty is also resource.

I'm very moved, though our moral environment is deteriorating. But in Chitron, in our group, we still have honesty in our bones. The challenge is a baptism. After the spring rain, the mountain becomes green again.

Yes, Reliable Resources Remain.


Posted 2009-1-22 16:37 by Lilian
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