Diego  (joined in Chitron in January of 2003.)

As an undergraduate in 1999, I experienced the hardest time of Asian financial crisis. All the enterprises tried to protect themselves, not to mention recruitment. The present situation is more serious than then. Several days ago I have received a junior fellow of me who was looking for job after graduation. Looking at his blank eyes, I thought of myself several years ago…………
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Melody    (joined in Chitron Electronics in December 2004)

In the past, few foreigners visited the Himalaya. Later many Japanese came for sightseeing. Apart from being attracted by the natural
scene, people also chased a moving story.…
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Andy     ( joined in Chitron in March 2003 )

Qingdao Beer is the first corporation I was working for after graduation. In the spring of 2003 I made the decision to leave it. Like all
the nervous job finders, I wanted to look for better employment in Shenzhen. On the way from Luohu Railway Station to my friend’s
dormitory in Nanshan district, I wanted to take a nap and go to Luohu Talent Market. Then the first telephone for interview was ringed

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 linda  (joined in Chitron in 23rd January 2007)

I've just watched over the first part of 51-volume “Qin Empire”. I like the TV series very much. It uses the reform in Qin dynasty as
the major line and brings forward the tactics of country building, the academic debate, the local conditions and customs, love and

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